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Downtown Birmingham

2107 2nd Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203


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Welcome to the website of Downtown Birmingham

RealtySouth has joined the ranks of Downtown Birmingham! Your local real estate agency found across the state of Alabama can also be found on 2nd Ave N in Birmingham's Loft District. We're here, ready to service your real estate needs. Let's grab coffee and talk homes!

Why downtown Birmingham? Downtown Birmingham is rich with history and is experiencing a modern renaissance with growth and expansions in business. Our company is growing and evolving with the times. As any good company or service does, when there’s a need RealtySouth strives to provide solutions. 

RealtySouth has 21 physical office locations across Alabama and we saw a need to join the excitement and open our doors smack dab in a burgeoning neighborhood of Birmingham city. We’ve been selling real estate in the city for years and we plant our presence here out of convenience for all who work, live, play in the downtown area.


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Downtown Birmingham 
Contact Info:
2107 2nd Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203
Main Office: 205-918-7661
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